Pro Vision PVA Sports Towel

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Use the Officially Licensed PVA Towel at this season's games!

Teams available:
Alabama Crimson Tide
Arkansas Razorbacks
Auburn Tigers
Clemson Tigers
Florida Gators
Florida State Seminoles
Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Kentucky Wildcats
LSU Tigers
Oklahoma Sooners
South Carolina Gamecocks
Tennessee Volunteers
Texas Longhorns
Texas A&M Aggies

This unique PVA Towel cools your body temperature by up to 20 degrees. It is super absorbent, great for wiping sweat and cooling off when playing golf, tennis, walking, running, or watching the game. Use it anytime you are going to be outdoors!

The PVA Towels are approximately 27" X 17" ... printed with your favorite logo.

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