Chilly Dana

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
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Whether it's a long day on the construction site or a long day on the boat, you'll stay cool and dry with the Chilly Dana cooling bandana.

The frogg toggs cooling bandana is an all-sport, all-terrain, all-purpose evaporative cooling bandana. It absorbs sweat and is specially cut to wear as a do-rag or neck wraps— two areas that help regulate your body's temperature.

The custom-embossed "Frogg Feet" maximize the effectiveness of the Chilly Dana cooling bandana, making it the perfect all-purpose cooling towel.

Made from a high-tech, breathable material that, when wet, speeds the evaporation process to keep you cooler while staying dry.

At a large 26" x 26" x 36-3/4" the Chilly Dana is a great size for anyone who needs to stay cool and dry.

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